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JR-UAV is a System Company enabling the competence and experience of world renowned RC dedicated operations to jointly engineer and produce UAV-UAS extraordinary components. 

Our engineering, production and components supply chain is secured within the West:  Australia, Japan, Malaysia, United States.
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Based in Brisbane, Australia - Innoflight International specializes in producing commercial surveying drones as well as developing the latest technology in EFI engines, autopilots, servos, and manufacturing processes.
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Based in Osaka, Japan - over the last 40 years JR PROPO developed a world leadership position engineering and producing leading edge world renowned RC transmission systems, receivers, servo actuators and accessories dedicated to the sporting scale enthusiasts  

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Based in Ichikawa , Japan - after the end of WW2 Saito started the poroduction of micro 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines dedicated to the sporting scale environment. The quality, reliability and innovativeness of SAITO engines is recongnised in the world

Based in Tucson, United States - Desert Aircraft is the industry leader in giant scale model airplane engines. With its focus on performance, quality, and customer service, DA engines continue to be the leading engine for sport and competition flying. 
The JR-UAV direct distribution system is structured on Regional organizations:  Asia, Europe, United States
We serve only professional companies operating within the defense and commercial UAV-UAS industry


Engineering the Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems

At JR-UAV, we engineer and produce cutting-edge UAV-UAS components, such as piston engines, servo actuators and advanced transmission/receiving systems to support defense and commercial applications. We integrate our long time consolidated international competencies striving to provide our customers with innovative and highest quality components ensuring safe UAV assignments

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